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The Constitutional Council for the Forest Preserve formed in January 1966 as a coalition to be prepared challenges to Article XIV at the New York State Constitutional Convention. It was designed to serve as a liaison at the time of the Convention and in May 1968 elected to continue serving to alert organizations state-wide to a variety of concerns that related to the problems of the Forest Preserve. When the coalition was founded, officers from over fifty organizations joined along with the individual memberships were issued. Proposed changes to the constitution were bundled and voted on as a whole and rejected by every New York county. The CCFP continued to function as a group seeking to maintain Forest Preserve protection within the state constitution. As of January 1971, the Council consisted of 138 members. The officers included David Newhouse (who would also become an advisor to the TSCFA), David Sive, Arthur M. Crocker, R. Watson Pomeroy and William K. Verner. The consortium was dissolved in 1976 because as David Newhouse, CCFP Chairman, writes, “its function is now fulfilled by other organizations such as EPL and The Adirondack Council.” Any remaining funds were transferred to the Adirondack Council.

This Collection includes evidence of not only the internal discussion informing the opinions and decisions of this group of environmentalist leaders but letters and statements from members to political leaders. This correspondence argues for the scientific and social importance of the legislator’s decisions and discusses details of issues and ramifications of outcomes. This includes an interesting discussion of the APA’s plan to classify and zone the wilderness of the Adirondack Park. Included in the Collection is a copy of the Forest Preserve Policy of the New York State Conservation Council as adopted at Massena, NY, September, 1965.

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Adirondack Forest Preserve, Adirondack Park, Constitutional Council for the Forest Preserve, New York State Constitutional Convention, Environmental protection


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Constitutional Council for the Forest Preserve, 1966-1976



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