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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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David Hodgson




heat exchanger


A dual-purpose air conditioner was designed to cool the air in the sunroom at my house in New York State while simultaneously heating the water in my pool. During the summer, the air in the sunroom reaches temperatures over 120°F, which has damaged electronic equipment in the room and makes the room undesirable to use. The proposed system utilizes a stainless-steel tube-fin cross flow exchanger to transfer heat from the air in the sunroom to the water in the pool. The system was designed to use a 115V fan kit to circulate the air at 520 CFM and a 2/25 HP circulation pump to circulate the pool water at 4 GPM. The overall heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger was used to predict the air and water outlet temperatures using recorded air and water inlet temperatures. The capital and operating costs of the proposed system were then compared to that of an alternate system containing a window air conditioner and heat pump style pool heater to determine if the dual-purpose air conditioner is a cost-effective system.