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Wait Interview
Beverly Wait


Terrell Interview
June S. Terrell


Pontius Interview
Kathryn Pontius


Parillo Interview
Cynthia Young Parillo


Maycock Interview
Susan Maycock


Lillquist Interview
Patricia P. Lillquist


Gemmette Interview
Elizabeth Gemmette UC Class of 1979


Eddy-Heleneck Interview
Victoria Eddy-Heleneck UC Class of 1981


Summer Research Fellows’ Online Presentations
Jacob Abbot, Maryam Ramjohn, Margaret Amodeo, and Doug Klein


An Environmental History of Lower St. Regis: Lake Degradation and the Path to Ecological Redemption
Mike Rechlin, Corey L. Laxson, Craig Milewski, and J. Curt Stager


Science to Inform Policy in the Adirondacks: Case Studies from the Great Experiment
Michael Glennon, Eric Holmlund, Dan Kelting, Heidi Kretser, and Zoe Smith

*Updated as of 01/22/21.