Uploading your thesis to the Digital Repository will preserve your work at Union College and allow researchers to access it from anywhere.

  • Archival preservation: Theses that are deposited online will be preserved by the College’s Special Collections and Archives. Once the work has been uploaded, it will become a permanent part of the Repository, and identified with a unique url for future reference.
  • Permission Form: Before submitting your thesis, the department administrative assistant will require a printed and signed copy of the current year’s Union College Honors Thesis Permission Form.
  • Electronic File Format: Instructions regarding how to name your thesis file(s) and how to format them for submission are available on the library’s web site. This file should have no restrictions or security implemented. When saving your file to PDF format, select the “reduce file size” option to optimize storage.
  • Limiting access: Authors may choose to allow unrestricted open access to their work, or limit access to the campus community only, by specifying "Open Access" or "Union College Only". Students wishing to opt-out from online access still need to submit their thesis to this site for cataloging purposes (choose file type: “restricted (opt-out)”.
  • Submission: Once all steps have been completed, self-submit the thesis directly to Union|Digital Works by following the directions below.

For full instructions and guidelines on preparing your thesis, please see the Senior Thesis Help webpage.


  1. To start the submission process, click "Submit Research" on the left, and create an account with the Repository software. (This will be different than your regular Union login)
  2. Read through the submission agreement, and checkmark the box to agree with the terms.
  3. Finally, fill in the fields on the submission form, including access option and upload the thesis document in PDF.
  4. The thesis submission will be processed by the Repository Administrator, and will become visible on the Repository site after graduation.
  5. For more detailed instructions on the uploading process, click here.
  6. For all other questions, contact: