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This paper explores how growing the number of SNAP recipients during recessions and the period following. Specifically this paper looks at how SNAP impacts the growth of private establishments and vice versa. SNAP, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, tends to increase in recipient size during recessions. This paper specifically looks at the counties where the ten largest cities in the United States are located. The number of SNAP recipients has risen during every one of the last three recessions in every one of these counties except in one instance. That’s 29/30 times. By looking at private establishments, this paper aims to examine two impacts. The first is how increasing SNAP participation impacts the ability of private businesses to recover from a recessions; the second is how protecting private businesses impacts the return to pre-recession SNAP levels.

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SNAP, welfare, food assistance, hunger

Analyzing the relationship between SNAP Participation and Private Establishments in America’s Largest Cities During and After Recessions