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The Hudson River Watershed consists of 11 major sub-watersheds, one of which is the Mohawk River (MKR).1 The Schoharie Creek (SCH) contributes 1,650 of the 4,086 river miles to the Mohawk River watershed, making it the largest contributor to the Mohawk. 2,3 The Cobleskill Creek (CBL), located in Schoharie County, flows in the east-northeast d irection to Schoharie Creek.4 The map shows how the bodies of water flow together to create a large watershed that provides active sites for recreational activities, such as fishing and swimming, across New York State. Since the Cobleskill Creek flows to the Schoharie Creek, which flows in to the Mohawk, the goal of this project is to assess common substances found in each of these rivers. The samples were analyzed to see whether or not these elements and compounds get carried from one body of water to the next due to their interconnected nature.

Publication Date

Spring 2018


Mohawk, Cobleskill, Schoharie, watershed, water samples, pH

Water We Putting in the Mohawk



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