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The goal of this project was to quantify inorganic analytes in water from various sources in the Capital Region1. Specifically, we chose to investigate the differences in inorganic ion concentrations in samples from above- and underground natural water sources. Samples were obtained from Wilsey Creek, Delanson Pond, and the Saratoga Springs, the locations of which are labeled on the map below. Tap water was used to compare these natural water sources to a familiar source. Water sources investigated in this experiment: Saratoga Springs – obtained from downtown spring Wilsey Creek – obtained upstream from road crossing in Burtonville Delanson Pond – obtained from Delanson Farm pond Tap Water – obtained from sink in S&E building at Union College, Schenectady

Publication Date

Spring 2018


Saratoga Springs, Wilsey Creek, Delanson Pond, Capital Region, water quality

The Water Project: Is Water Wet?



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