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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



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Denis Brennan




baseball, French Canada, Quebec, Expos, sports


My Senior Project examines the parallelism between the movement to bring baseball to Quebec and the Quebec secession movement in Canada. Through my research I have found that both entities follow a very similar timeline with highs and lows coming around the same time in the same province; although, I have not found any direct linkage between the two. My analysis begins around 1837 and continues through present day, and by analyzing the histories of each movement demonstrates clearly that both movements followed a unique and similar timeline. The project is separated into six chapters, each containing three parts, including an introduction (which contains a literary review) and a conclusion. The full development of my project begins in Chapter Two, which talks about the origins of each movement. I discuss the origins and early history of baseball in Quebec and Canada, and the first signs of French Canadian nationalism, beginning with the Canada Rebellions of 1837-1838 up to the creation of the Mouvement Souverainete Association in 1957.