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Bachelor of Arts



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Judith Lewin

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Jordan Smith

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Hugh Jenkins




poem, composition, narrative


In her poem “Poetry” Marianne Moore gracefully states the physical reactions people experience as a result of reading poetry, such as eyes dilating and hair rising. Moore asserts, “these things are important not because a/ high‐sounding interpretation can be put upon them but because/ they are/ useful”. For this reason, I not only read but also create poetry. I wrote this collection of poems intending to trigger reactions from my readers that would be “useful” to them. I decided that the most tactful way to do so was to write about my own personal experiences. Inspired by notable poets such as Linda Gregg, Marilyn Hacker, and James Schuyler, I began to write. My subjects include observations I have made and events from my life. In constructing these poems, both the syntax and the way I bring the “I” forward reveal the complexity of what is seemingly ordinary. Often the poem’s narrative pushes out the unexpected, whether in phrasing or in shifts away from what appears to be the subject.

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