Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Shane Cotter

Second Advisor

James Hedrick




GPS, iPod, skiing, Wi-fi, Apple


The purpose of my senior project was to design and build a system that provides GPS capabilities to the iPod touch. The system is used in conjunction with an iPod application, giving skiers the possibility to have access to the following outputs: graph of speed during run, distance skied, calories burned, and map of the slopes followed. The system consists of a GPS receiver, an Arduino microcontroller, a Wifi Shield, and iPod touch, and an iPod application. A central point during the development of the system was the transmission of data from one piece of hardware to the other and then finally to the iPod application. The GPS receiver obtains the GPS data and sends it to the Arduino. The Arduino then puts this data in HTML form in order for the WiShield to send it to a web page. Through the WiShield an ad-hoc network between the Arduino and the iPod is established. Through this connection the iPod application is able to obtain the contents from the web page and manipulate it to make necessary calculations, display it, and graph it.