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Brittany, France, Breton, Charles VIII


The king, Charles VIII, is dead. The year is 1498. In Brittany, people are delighted that their sovereign Anne will return. Long live the duchess! In France, there is a new king, Louis XII. Long live the king ! In the eyes of the Britons, Anne was enthralled in France after the defeat and death of her father, Francis II of Brittany, in the hands of the French armies at Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier. The Treaty of the Orchard, signed after the battle, gave the King of France, Charles VIII, the right to decide the fate of Anne of Brittany. After some attempts to find another husband for Anne, Charles VIII married her. The marriage between Anne and Charles VIII formed a union between France and Brittany that did not exist before. By marriage, Charles VIII conquered Brittany, the end of the world. Unfortunately for Charles, he died without an heir. According to the marriage contract, Anne can return to Brittany after Charles's burial. Today she is free, but tomorrow nobody knows. The marriage contract says that Anne must marry Charles VIII's successor, Louis XII, Anne's former friend and an ally of his father who fought against Charles VIII in Saint-Aubin-du- Cormier. But, it's more complicated than that. Louis is already the husband of Jeanne de France, the daughter of Louis XI. So the fate of Anne is still unknown, but the Bretons can rejoice in one thing; she returns to the Breton country.