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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Theater and Dance

First Advisor

Patricia Culbert




theater, performance, script, stage, notes


Three Plays I Like and Why- first research paper that explored my own personal interests in plays and what made them entertaining to me The Demands of Playwriting- second research paper that outlined the requirements of a play and how I would incorporate these demands in my own writing process Final Performance Script- Labeling Abigail: my final script with performance stage notes included Director’s Concept- third paper that detailed my intentions for the performance and my rehearsal process Director’s Calendar- created to present my intent for each rehearsal and when my tech and dress would be for the show; this calendar was discussed at my weekly production meetings Feedback Questionnaires- these were created for my two scheduled feedback sessions during the rehearsal process. Invited guests were to fill these questionnaires out, and then I would hold a discussion after they viewed a section of the performance to listen to their opinions and gain feedback on what I needed help with Labeling Abigail poster- the poster for the performance, designed by myself and Jennifer Taubes Labeling Abigail Program- the program for the show Pictures- there are some from our first read through as a cast, then from one of our rehearsals and lastly from our dress rehearsal all taken by my advisor Patricia Culbert Experience final paper- this was my last paper due for the project, I discussed the final outcome of the project as a whole and how I grew as a theater student through this project.