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Bachelor of Arts


Modern Languages and Literatures

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Daniel Mosquera




conquest, colonialization, conflict, Spain, Mexico, Malinche


This thesis explores the different interpretations of the Malinche related to her role as the translator and lover of the Spaniards during the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the sixteenth century. Centuries later, during the period of Mexican independence in the nineteenth century, Malinche became the traditional symbol of the nation as the mother who betrays, sells and abandons Mexican independence from Spain when Mexicans tried eradicate Spanish influence in your country. In addition, these negative representations of the Maliche as the evil mother, serve to show her as the scapegoat of all conflicts of the Malinche during the Spanish conquest in addition to the American conquest in the nineteenth century. Together, this thesis explores the positive interpretations of Malinche as a symbol of strength in contrast to negative interpretations. The positive interpretations serve to improve the representations of the Malinche as well as giving strength to its people and its nation. Therefore, this essay examines negative and positive interpretations, but this thesis shows the importance of a positive change in the representation of Malinche. As a consequence, it is possible to find the true solution of the conflicts in Spain so that the country can move forward instead of focusing on the negative history of Malinche.