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Bachelor of Arts


Modern Languages and Literatures

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Charles Batson




GDP, France, US, allocation, funds, economy


My thesis examines the question of how the structure of work, government and policies affect work and leisure in France and the United States. Economy structures create different cultures that show important principles of a country. Economists often look at GDP when they compare countries' economies, but GDP is not the only factor for country analysis. In addition, the process of researching my thesis taught me that GDP does not calculate activities where no money is exchanged. In addition, this study examines GDP statistics, unemployment rate, incomes, hours worked, taxes, rules, governments, policies and leisure to make a true full analysis of France and the United States. United. The allocation of money illustrates significant things from each country. This analysis shows the ability to accept different cultures and types of "assets". In the end, a critique of an economy of a country is not possible without links to culture, and I learned this during the research of my thesis. A comparison of the French economy and the American economy does not need a conclusion that answers the question of "Who is the best country? ". This study illustrates the significance of analyzing not only the GDP of a country, but all the factors that shape a country's culture and society.

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