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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



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Linda Relyea




prostitution, abortion, perception, society, sex workers


This thesis breaks down the subject of prostitution to be examined by four smaller categories: the history of prostitution, the pros and cons of current legislation surrounding prostitution, the effects of the media’s portrayal on society, and a comparison of abortion as a similar issue. While society may have a current notion of prostitution, this thesis would like to examine the idea of prostitution as an independently run business under government regulation in hopes of recognizing the positive effects it would have upon sex workers. Through the use of surveys distributed to a number of students at a small liberal arts college, I was able to gain insight as to how prostitution is acknowledged by young adults, aging from eighteen to twenty three years old. The survey also asked students to identify their feelings on businesses run by women, as well as a woman’s right to her body as determine in Roe V. Wade. By comparing the results of questions asked on prostitution to questions asked on similar subjects, I am hoping to identify whether society is ready to have prostitution regulated under the government, as well as whether or not society believes organized prostitution has a shot at becoming a safe, independent business.

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