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Bachelor of Arts


Theater and Dance

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Patricia Culbert




theater, play, emotionally disturbed


For my fall term 2011 and winter term 2011 senior theater project I would like prepare and perform in the show “Gruesome Playground Injuries” by Rajiv Joseph. It is a two person cast that shows an emotional rollercoaster endured by a man and a woman from elementary school until their early thirties. There is obviously feelings shared for one another, but they are so trapped in their own darkness that they cannot be all that the other person needs. The injuries they endure throughout the years are out of chronological order, which is a unique styling to a play that is more effective than watching it in sequence. Upon reading this play I realized it would be a perfect senior project because of the emotional depth Kayleen, the female character, offers. There are emotional struggles and choices that I have not had the opportunity to prepare for yet, and would be a great stepping stone into preparing me to deal with future emotionally disturbed roles. The show itself will be with an extremely small ensemble, with a fellow student working as director and a male actor to play Doug. The show will aim to go on in the second half of winter term.