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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



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Tomas Dvorak




forecasting, undergraduate, college, academic performance, statistical analysis


This paper examines the Union College system for determining the academic quality of its applicants. Currently, Union College uses five criteria: high school GPA; rank; strength of schedule; quality of high school; and SAT/ACT scores, if available. Using data on about 1600 students, I examine the predictive power of these criteria for the performance of a student at Union. As a measure of performance I use cumulative GPA at Union and whether or not the student is still enrolled in Spring 2011. I find that the five criteria predict about 25% of the variation in GPA at Union. With the exception of high school GPA, none of the criteria predict retention. I find that students who submit their SAT have a higher Union GPA, although once I control for the other four criteria SAT submitters do no better. However, SAT scores predict GPA even after controlling for the other four criteria. Finally, I find that the current weighting of each of the five criteria maximizes the predictive power of the overall rating on student’s GPA at Union.