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Bachelor of Arts


Asian Studies

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economic growth, China, developing countries, GDP


There are significantly different views regarding what strategies underlie China’s economic growth and development in the past decade. An examination of these varied opinions will indicate the complexity of determining which strategies have been most conducive to China’s economic expansion. This paper will use data from several developing and developed countries along with an analysis of a number of strategies that economists and scholars have listed as aiding the economic growth process. The analysis of the scatter pot data will then be applied to China as a case study to determine which factors and strategies have been most conducive to encouraging economic growth for developing countries in the past and the extent to which growth has occurred in these countries over time. The data and literary analysis will then be used in order to examine which growth strategies China has followed and whether they have been successfully proven to facilitate economic growth for other developing nations as well in the past. The paper will conclude with which strategies appear to be the most and least relevant for China, as determined by the data and literary theories the country has previously employed in order to promote sustainable growth and further its development as a global economic powerhouse.