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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Arts


American Studies

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Andrew Feffer




television, mass media, crossplatform, entertainment, social media


The purpose of this thesis is to provide a broad look at the changing television landscape in the digital age as new media converge with old media. Technological advancements have led to a closer integration of social interactions and television viewing behavior that is impacting the traditional, longstanding model of the television industry. The power of social media and its convergence with television means less control for producers and an increased voice of authority for viewers. Television producers must now create shows that engage viewers and foster conversation if they are to succeed. Television viewing is now a more social, interactive, participatory experience. Historically, television and the shared experience have played a large role in shaping of perceptions of the world. The medium defines popular culture for us, which in turn influences our perceptions and political views. The shifting television landscape and the changing manner in which people are consuming their entertainment could potentially have a large impact on what it means to participate in society.