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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science and Policy

First Advisor

Douglass Klein




nuclear energy, zero emissions


This thesis reviews New York State's recently announced subsidization of nuclear energy, which has been a subject of dissent due to its cost, propagation of nuclear activity, and potential unlawfulness in its influence on competition within wholesale energy markets. Examining the structure and recent trends within New York's energy market and their effect on the state's nuclear energy industry will provide insight into the necessity of such subsidization in preserving in-state nuclear generation. Through an analysis of the expected costs, economic impact, and influence on statewide carbon emissions, the true significance of this legislation and New York's motivations behind its implementation can be realized. Additionally, an exploration of the subsidy's regulatory framework and the findings of applicable court cases will provide insight into the legal debate surrounding the legislation, allowing for an analysis of its legality and its potential significance to future state energy policies and the wider nuclear energy industry.