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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Modern Languages and Literatures

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Christina Henseler




Spain, Second Republic, women, roles, politics


From 1936 until 1975, Spain was under the control of Francisco Franco. Throughout these 39 years, Spain transformed into a structured, conservative country dominated by church and societal expectations. Women lost the majority of the rights gained under the Second Republic. The role of women during the dictatorship was to be the prefect mother and wife. They were to be pure, caring and obedient, with no voice to defend their beliefs. After Franco’s death and the establishment of the democracy, the role of women began to change. They acquired jobs outside the house and filled seats in universities. They were able to get divorced or get abortions. In other words, they received control over their lives. In my thesis, I examined the specifics of this political transition as well as the psychological transformation of the country and the metamorphosis of the female identity in Spain.