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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Visual Arts

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Fernando Orellana




robots, geder, sex, perception, technology


I was originally inspired by a previous project in a 3D modeling class. For my final project, I designed two robots; male and female; who’s naked bodied reflected the presence of technological communications in society and lack of face-to-face interactions. I displayed the robots in a variety of sexual positions, which appear cute or sweet to the viewer because of the toon-shader effect. The toon-shader effect makes the 3D models look like cartoons. I loved combining the idea of technology, robotics, and sex into one. To this day, the poster of the robots in my room always gets a response. I took this idea and decided to expand upon it for my visual arts thesis by creating a more detailed female robot, which would embody my views on the perception of women in society and how I feel that I fit in to these perceptions. Aspects of the robot reflect my views on what I believe the perfect woman would be. In my mind she is strong yet feminine and delicate. She is powerful and takes charge of her own life. She is carefree and unaffected by the opinions of others. She is hardworking and street smart. These are all characteristics that I have and others I aspire to attain. The scenes I have created are parodies on gender roles, shared life experiences, controversial topics or genres, and otherwise taboo scenarios.

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