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Bachelor of Science


Computer Science

Second Department


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Kristina Striegnitz




video game, effects, development, testing, classics


Technological advancement is a driving influence in the development of today’s culture. Upon the creation of electronic videogames, gaming has allowed players to not only experience new ideas previously unheard of in a gaming medium, but gaming is easily accessible to people throughout the world. Academia has begun studying games, checking the positive and negative effects videogames have on people. Might one of these positive effects be educational? If it was, college professors might use the game to help supplement their classes. The question this paper will be focused on is as follows: using the classics as our field of study, how can we build a videogame that simulates the development of cities in classical antiquity and increases a player's interest in the period? This paper will be in regards to the development of this game, including how the game came about, the process of developing it, playtesting the game, and any conclusions that might be drawn.