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Bachelor of Arts



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Shelton Schmidt




entrepreneurship, products, customer profile, companies


Entrepreneurship is crucial to the economy at large and within local communities; entrepreneurs are responsible for developing innovative products and services to meet consumer needs, as well as creating jobs. The primary purpose of this thesis is to develop a business plan for a startup company, MODD Products. The plan’s specific sections are included based on reasonable evidence that they are necessary to creating and running a successful startup. A core ideology, description of the company's first product line "MODD Cocktails", review of the industry and competition, target customer profile, and marketing strategy will all be included in the MODD Products business plan, among other sections. Additionally, this thesis explains the economic importance of entrepreneurship and explores which specific strategies or qualities of an entrepreneur are associated with successfully creating a new company. Literature discussing business plans and models, determinants of entrepreneurial success, and characteristics of both failed and enduring companies will be analyzed to determine what to include in the business plan. Additionally, this analysis will provide insight as to what strengths and weaknesses I, the entrepreneur, possess that will influence the success of my startup company.

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