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Rome, Britain, empire, imperial forces, rule


The greatest European imperial forces ever to exist were Rome and Britain. They controlled much of their known world and subjugated many foreign peoples to their rule. Rome ruled lands from India to the Atlantic Ocean, while Britain had colonies across the entire globe. The British Empire was at the height of its power in the Nineteenth Century, nearly 1200 years after the city of Rome was sacked by invading barbarian tribes. Even with more than a millennia passing between the fall of one empire and the rise of the other; they still shared many similarities in their manner of rule. They had to balance military might and political action to prevent rebellions and to maintain profitable colonies. Rome and Britain had different reasons to annex new lands but each found their new possessions invaluable to maintaining their overall empire. Historians have often compared the two great empires, citing their similar strengths and the glory that each achieved. More important than their similarities are their differences, as these show us how Empires had changed to cope with new technologies and social trends.