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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



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David Cotter




voilence, aggression, sports, behavior


Sports violence has received increased attention in the media recently and more individuals are becoming aware of dangerous behaviors in sports. This study was designed to look at the effects of personal variables and past participation in sport in how they affect an individual’s perception of aggressive sports acts. The perception aggression is important to understanding why sports aggression is more accepted in different groups of people. This utilized Union College students, who took a version of the Sport Behavior Inventory in an online survey. Through the use of different indices of data, a test of means and a multi-variable regression was performed. It was found that individuals involved in contact sports, and to a lesser extent team sports, were more likely to perceive aggression as acceptable. Personal characteristics like age and sex played no significant role. These findings can then be used to influence sports policy and raise awareness to the impacts of past sport experiences.