Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Computer Science

Second Department

Visual Arts

First Advisor

Chris Fernandes

Second Advisor

Fernando Orellana




internet, campus, robots, tasks, Facebook


The Internet is a relatively new phenomenon that has completely morphed the modern world. Living on a college campus, I almost never find myself in a room without access to the Internet and social media. I, along with many others in my generation, spend hours per month mindlessly surfing the Internet and Facebook. With my project, I want to start a conversation on the topic of how the Internet has shaped our society and whether these changes are positive or negative. To do so, I have built an installation of three robots and a monitor. Each robot (see Figure 1) is interactive in the physical world through the use of an Arduino, sensors, motors, LCD screens and LEDs and the digital world through the use of Facebook where they can post photos of their surroundings, status updates or comments. I hope that by watching my robots mindlessly performing the same tasks that we do everyday, viewers will begin to ask the same questions proposed above.