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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science



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Kenneth DeBono




alcohol, drinking, self-esteem, athleticism


There is a plethora of research focusing on athleticism, self-esteem and alcohol consumption but few studies have aimed to find a connection between these three dimensions. While much of the previous research focused on just two of these dimensions, the present study aims to uncover how these dimensions influence and impact one another. Students from Union College participated in a survey-based study in which they were asked to complete three surveys, one for each dimension. These surveys were used to identify level of athleticism, self-esteem and binge drinking behaviors among athletes and non-athletes at Union College. Based on previous research it was expected that team sport athletes would report the highest levels of self-esteem followed by individual athletes and then non-athletes. It was also predicted that athleticism and self-esteem would predict binge-drinking behaviors such that team sport athletes would report the most binge drinking, followed by individual athletes and then non-athletes. Results indicated no relationship between athletic status and self-esteem. Also inconsistent with hypotheses, there was no relationship between self-esteem, athleticism and binge drinking such that frequency of binge drinking behaviors did not vary along with athletic status or self-esteem.