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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science



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Kenneth DeBono




emotions, feedback, label, perceptions


Whereas previous research has investigated emotional reactions to positive and negative events and feedback, there is little evidence indicating which has a greater effect on individuals. The current research examined whether winning or losing has a stronger impact on individuals, focusing on if being labeled a “winner” or “loser” could enhance differences in emotion. Participants were randomly assigned to win or lose word search tasks, and were also randomly assigned to receive a “winner” or “loser” label after each task. Then, they completed a questionnaire that measured their current levels of positive and negative affect. Results indicated that people experienced more positive affect after winning than negative affect after losing. Although not to a significant degree, when individuals were labeled a “loser”, they experienced a greater difference in positive and negative affect than receiving no label. This research therefore provides insight into an important field of study: if people are more concerned with being a “winner” or merely not being a “loser”.