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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



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Younghwan Song




adolescent, household, well-being, children


Adolescent well-being is an important issue in society today. There are a growing number of children being raised in single-parent households, which raises questions as to whether or not these children are worse off than children raised in two-parent households. Using the 2010 American Time Use Survey Well-Being Module, this study investigates if the subjective well-being of children raised in single-parent households is worse than that of children raised in a two-parent household. Two measures of subjective well-being-the U-index and net affect-are analyzed. The U-index measures the proportion of time a respondent spends in an unpleasant state and net affect measures the average difference of positive and negative emotions for each episode. Controlling for various adolescent characteristics, such as age, race, sex, and education, this analysis finds that adolescents living with a single father have lower U-index than those living in two-parent households. But no such pattern was found in the analysis of net affect.