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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Theater and Dance

Second Department


First Advisor

Patricia Culbert




time, experience, anachronic, play


In terms of simple science, time is a force that moves in one direction: forward. This, however, is not the way time is usually interpreted by people experiencing it. Works of fiction can capture human perceptions of time far better than the hard facts surrounding it. For my thesis, I wrote a play in anachronic order. My play has scenes that alternate between the past (1960s) and the present (1980s). The present scenes move forward in time, and the past scenes move backward in time as the play progresses. The final scene is simultaneously the first and last scene of the play, chronologically. In this way, I hope to give more background information on the characters at the same rate that the story progresses further. My play is a ‘slice-of-life’ story of a broken family, alternating between the courtship of Caroline and Scott and Scott’s return after a 18-year disappearance in order to connect with his daughter, Lori.