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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science



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George Bizer




social media, narcissism, use, research


Previous research suggests that narcissism is correlated with higher social media use and that self-esteem motivates this use. Additionally, research suggests that individuals with anxious or avoidant attachment styles have “self object” needs that are fulfilled through interactions with others. In the current research, we examined the correlation between narcissism and social media use, as well as the correlation between attachment style and social media use. Participants were given questionnaires to measure narcissism, attachment style, social media use, and self-esteem. Participants were also assigned to one of three feedback conditions, positive, neutral, or negative, on a social media site. Results indicated that participants with anxious, avoidant or insecure attachment style reported significantly lower levels of self-esteem in response to neutral and negative feedback than did participants without avoidant, anxious, or secure attachment styles. The research therefore provides evidence that attachment style may predict self-esteem levels in response to social media feedback.