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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



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Lewis Davis




One Child Policy, marriage, market, ethnicity


Over the past 35 years, the One Child Policy (OCP) has had enormous influences on almost every aspect of Chinese society. The exacerbated unbalanced sex ratio and the unequal implementation of the OCP between Han Chinese and ethnic minorities have brought some interesting changes to China’s marriage market. This paper explores the differences between the marital prospects of Han Chinese and ethnic minorities under the influence of the OCP. Using 2007 China Household Income Project (Data) and 2010 Chinese Population Census Data, this paper finds that under the circumstances of the OCP, Han Chinese, especially Han women, enjoy more advantages in the marriage market than ethnic minorities. This paper also finds that ethnic minority population share of a city starts to play an important role in determining individual’s marital prospect since the implementation of the OCP, and Han Chinese are more likely to be married in cities with high ethnic minority population shares.