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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Science


Computer Engineering

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Shane Cotter




telemetry system


The main objective of this project is to provide the SAE Aero team with a telemetry system needed to compete at the SAE Aero Advanced class competition. The advanced class involves building an aircraft that simulates a large cargo plane carrying a payload and dropping "humanitarian aid packages" from 100ft onto a target site. The telemetry system is made up of two main subsystems, the data acquisition system (DAS) and the first-person view system (FPV). The system uses flight data from sensors on the plane to provide valuable in-flight information about the state of the aircraft and improve accuracy of dropping the package on the target. The data acquisition system will be used to wirelessly transmit the sensor readings from the plane to the ground station and record when the package is dropped. The first-person view system will be used to stream video from an onboard camera in real time to a screen on the ground station. The data acquisition system and first person view system will be physically separate so that they can be easily tested and debugged, mounted and removed from the fuselage of the aircraft easily.