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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

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Michele Angrist




conflict, wars, refugee, non-profit


Throughout history conflicts have always had severe consequences on the people surrounding them. Regardless of the nature of the conflict, when it happened, or where, it always seems to leave behind vulnerable individuals with very little hope for the future. As a result, many people chose to immigrate elsewhere as an attempt to find a new home and avoid any future events that will disrupt their lives so drastically. The events of the 20th century were an important tool in illustrating the effects of war and more importantly, it provided a platform for countries to step-up and encouraged immigrants to leave their unstable homelands. The United States in particular, became a major player in the reception of such individuals. Wars and the political atmosphere of this time period resulted in harsh policies that led to the massive movement of people from one place to another. This thesis aims to identify the groups of people forced to migrate, with a particular focus on refugees. More specifically it looks at the influences behind refugee immigration into the United States, and the resources available to them once they arrive. All in all, this thesis concludes that the provision of refugee services by non-profit organizations is being hindered by factors found within and outside the organization. By addressing the identified faults, non-profit organizations can become more effective and quality oriented; the final chapter on this thesis provides recommendations that aim to do just that.