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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering

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James Hedrick




water, design, community, venecia, capstone


The senior Capstone Design Project is the culmination of over three years of undergraduate work in electrical engineering, and other related fields. The project allows students to demonstrate their knowledge on a tangible design. Starting from a blank slate, the Capstone process asks students to carefully move through every stage of design in order to create the most effect output. Water shortage is a major problem for the entire world including the United States, but particularly in developing countries like Nicaragua. The community of Venecia, Nicaragua has a unique water problem. Community members leave taps running in fear that if they are shut off, they will not turn back on. This behavior leads to the overconsumption of a very valuable and scarce resource. One way to reduce water consumption is to make the user aware of just how much water they are using. The system discussed in this paper is a prototyped design developed in conjunction with community leaders of Venecia. The final prototype provides real-time remote metering of water to demonstrate the benefits of conservation. Data is collected and processed at the meter before it is transmitted wirelessly to a display site. At the display site, users can access real-time flow information as well as totalized values. This system will be installed in Venecia later this spring.