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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


French and Francophone Studies

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Charles Batson




agriculture, sustainable, resources, changes, development


High consumption lifestyles led to a rapid decline in natural resources. The daily gestures of the people of the world use a quantity massive resource and energy that cannot be replaced. Decision makers of the world are invited to consider what changes will be needed to focus about sustainable and sustainable practices if we want to continue living in the way which we have become accustomed to. The development of renewable energies was a first step towards total sustainable development. Recently, however, we have seen a new way to reduce negative impacts on the rights of the Earth: changes in agriculture and feeding towards sustainability. France has been a leader in sustainable agriculture, with a focus on small scale local agriculture that not only reduces the destruction of land and water resources, but also promotes a healthy life in creating a product of better quality. My project focuses on the study of laws, regulations and practices within the French government, the system of agriculture, and the general public who encourage sustainable agriculture and diet while preserving the environment and reducing our natural resources.