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Megan Ferry




chinese, students, american, universities, culture


More and more Chinese students come to the United States to study. They come to the United States for college because education in American universities counts as one of the best education in the world. Some Chinese families pay a lot for their children's best education. In addition, American universities have major funding problems because the subsidies of the U.S. government decrease rapidly. Students often can not accept the United States scholarship, so have to pay all the tuition. However, it seems that students from the east have more psychological problems than those from western countries. One reason is that Eastern culture, such as Chinese culture, is not the same as western culture. As a result, most Chinese students studying in American universities find it hard to meet friends who speak English. It is difficult to chat with their teachers and it is hard to adapt to the life of American universities. This study attempts to introduce the Chinese students and administrators to an understanding of these issues.