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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science



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Ken DeBono




self, monitors, theory, mind, monitoring


Previous research on the personality characteristic of self-monitoring has shown that high self-monitors constantly adjust their behavior to fit their environment while low self-monitors follow internal cues to keep their attitudes and behaviors consistent with one another. Theory of Mind is a person’s ability to connect unobservable mental and emotional states to one’s self and others, while understanding that other people may have different thoughts, attitudes and beliefs than one’s self that guides their behaviors. The current research examined a possible connection between self-monitoring and theory of mind. Participants completed a self-monitoring scale and two tasks evaluating their theory of mind. Participants who were high self-monitors had more correct answers on theory of mind tasks than participants who were low self-monitors. Low self-monitors showed more theory of mind deficits than high self-monitors, suggesting that high self-monitors have more intact theory of minds. The research therefore provides evidence of a previously unknown connection between self-monitoring and theory of mind that may be an explanation for individual differences in self-monitoring.