Date of Award


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Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Rebecca Cortez

Second Advisor

Michael Hagerman




energy, measurements, techniques, understanding, complete


Our dependence on energy sources and depleting fossil fuel reserves are forcing the world to look for efficient and renewable sources of energy. Current renewable technology lacks the efficiency and storage capability necessary to continue our heavy reliance on energy. This project focuses on understanding the physical and electrical properties of nanomaterials for their use as super capacitors and as photovoltaic cells. Using multiple microscopy techniques on the Cascade Probe Station and Veeco Dimension V Atomic Force Microscope, local and bulk conductivity measurements were performed on Laponite RD infused polyaniline (PANI) samples synthesized by Union College Chemistry Department Students. Four different polyaniline and four control samples were examined throughout this project. My work focused on understanding and developing protocols for the previously mentioned microscopy techniques to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements. With complete comprehension of the tools and techniques available, future measurements can be conducted with complete reliability. The developed protocols will be instrumental in the examination and understanding of these PANI materials and others, and will assist in the publication of scientific papers.