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Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Takashi Buma




charge, flashlight, able, energy, iphone


Project UWash consists of converting the mechanical energy that goes into hand washing laundry into usable electricity. Our proof-of-concept system is composed of: an energy source (salad spinner), an energy harvester (AC generator), a regulating circuit (voltage regulator), a storage component (lithium ion batteries), and an application (charging an iPhone and USB based LED flashlight). The goal is to fully charge the LED flashlight after a one hour use and charge an iPhone to at least 50% after a 6 hour use. We were able to fully charge the flashlight in about 15 minutes but were only able to charge an iPhone to 41% after 8 hours of cranking with the AC generator. With the final UWash product we were able to power the flashlight for one and a half hours after a 15 minute use.