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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



Second Department


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Hugh Jenkins

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Hans-Friedrich Mueller




latin, translations, literal, poems, english


I wrote this thesis to explore the metrical poetry of Horace, Catullus, and Ovid, as well as my own poetry and short fiction. I parsed the Latin poems, word-by-word, and provided literal translations, as well as idiomatic translations of selected poems by Horace and Ovid. In order to link these translations to my short story, Into the Last Good Fight, I wrote three metrical poems that synthesize the themes, concepts, and structures of my story with the themes, concepts, and structures of the Latin poems. To provide an even stronger link between the Latin portion of my thesis and the English portion, I translated two of my own poems into Latin, using the same literal method. My translations are as literal as possible, so that even a beginning Latin student could understand my grammatical interpretation, but as I note in my introduction, my literal translations of the Latin at times fall short of comprehensibility in English. I struggled with being both literal and true to the Latin, which is why I also offered idiomatic translations, which are more comprehensible, in order to convey a fuller meaning of the text. This thesis demonstrates how my scholarly pursuits of English and Latin have worked together to mutually benefit one another.