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relationships, definition, france, relationship, types


The French definition of the word relation is simple. According to the dictionary of the French language, a relationship is simply the "relationship between people". But anyone who has had a relationship knows that this definition oversimplifies things. In fact, there are many types of relationships that can go beyond this simplistic definition. These types of relationships include sexual relationships, and marital relationships, among many others. So, each type of relationship has its own definition. But, what are these types of relationships mean for France, a country that represents certain visions of "romance" to the rest of the world? France is associated with all things romantic, including their culture, their food, and even their language. How a country, with a reputation like this one, perceive relationships? Although things like sex and love are universal experiences, they are not felt in the same way through the cultures. Each culture has a different perspective when it comes to matters of the heart. Therefore, France has its own perspective too and it is important to determine what this perspective is. It is also important to understand the different types of relationships, such as sex, relationships, and relationships what they look like, and how they changed in France.