A Novel Design of the Endotracheal Tube Bite Guard and Fixation System: The Bite Hero

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Amy Loya




intubation, endotracheal tube, medical devices, intensive care units, respiration, bite guard, bite block, pressure ulcers


There are 3.75 million patients in intensive care units (ICUs) on mechanical ventilation through endotracheal (ET) intubation. ET tube bite guards are designed to stop intubated patients from biting and damaging the portion of the ET tube in their mouth. About 50% of ET tube intubated patients experience severe pressure ulcers to the cheek, lips, mouth, tongue, or gums caused by the bite guard. Due to the placement of the bite guard on the incisors, patients can experience dental damage upon biting. There is a need for an ET tube bite guard and fixation system that minimizes dental and oral trauma, has an efficient installation/removal process, and is cost effective for hospitals while still performing its clinical function. Here, we are going to present a novel design-the Bite Hero. Through testing, it has been shown that the Bite Hero can be used as a functional ET tube bite guard and fixation system. Its design decreases dental and oral trauma by eliminating contact with the face, and redistributing incisor pressure onto the premolars.

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