Automated Urine Management System

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Shane Cotter

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Amy Loya




Urine Management, medical device, Acute Kidney Injury, Urine Volume Measurement, Kidney Failure Indication


Healthcare workers monitor urine volume and rate output to inspect kidney function of catheterized patients. The current methods of measuring patient urine output are vague, imprecise and consist of approximating urine volume. Currently, volume readings are taken by visually identifying where urine resides in the collection bags. These volume readings are then used to calculate output per hour. With these techniques observed, we designed a urine collection device that addresses the inaccuracies and inefficiencies in current measurement systems in order to increase early recognition of kidney failure. This device identifies volume and weight to precisely and accurately measure urine output. This data can be used to calculate density of urine and supply healthcare professionals with automated and custom urine output rates individualized to patients.

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