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Computer Engineering

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Cherrice Traver




software, hardware, computer engineering, Python, hiking, trail mapping, GPS, Arduino, compass


The goal of this project is to design and build a device that will give directions to a user along a hike. It will give directions in real-time in the form of arrows (8 possibilities: represented by the 8 cardinal directions), as well as display the current time, current direction the user is traveling (Ex: N), the distance traveled and the distance left. The focus is one trail (around campus) for testing purposes but more trails can be added. The process for adding more trails involves mapping it using an online resource and downloading the data. The device contains a GPS receiver to get the user's location and be able to provide this data in real-time, and a 3-axis accelerometer that is used as the compass. Data from these components is dealt with using an Arduino Nano and then the correct information is sent to an OLED display, which was used due to its size and ability to display arrows.



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