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political affiliation in relation to sex education conservative liberal sexual orientation sexual identity


Sex education has been a prominent topic among society since the 1800s, coinciding with the prevention and relevance of current social issues. As years have passed, sex education has continued to evolve through the prevailing social situations. However, within the 21st century, sex education started to lack improvement and inclusion of social topics and issues that are prevalent in today's society. This thesis analyzes the history behind sex education among the United States, and defines what it is that shapes sex education in today's society. With society ever changing, and social and political concepts becoming a more central topic in today's society, the issue of sex education has become more of an issue. This thesis addresses the development of sex education among schools within the United States, and emphasizes the difference between each district and state perspective on sex education. This thesis looks at sex education in not only a social light, but also a political standpoint. Sex education started as a solution to social circumstances, however, with legislation evolving and many social topics coming into play, there are many other factors that shape sex education. By researching eight different states with different political affiliations, this thesis was able to come to a conclusion as to what characteristics of a state or district shape that community's sex education, but also how exactly a state's political background influences and shapes their perspective on sex education. With sex education everchanging, and becoming more of a significant social issue in today's society, it is important to understand why sex education is the way it is around the country, and how the structure of sex education impacts society and individuals as a whole. The result of the analysis and comparison of eight different states indicates how the political standpoint and authority of each state generalizes what type of stance that specific state has on sex education, and sex education within schools.



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