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Mexican (Im)migration Children's Literature


Children's literature has set the foundation for many of the important lessons that are taught in the education system. Teaching children about diversity and inclusivity is an important component to create a safe and loving world. I write this thesis for young readers, especially Latinx and Non-Latinx readers. I introduce the chapter going through the immigration policies and misconceptions. I analyze the relationship between the United States and Mexico from 1994- 2022 because a lot of the policies have changed over the years. Some events that unfolded within those years set the catalyst for judgments and misconceptions of immigrants. Children book authors have created books that allow young readers to understand the realities of (im)migration. Individuals crossing the border go through a lot of setbacks in order to find better opportunities for themselves and loved ones. Throughout my thesis, I analyze five picture books that focus on detailing immigration, migration, separation of family and adapting to a new life. Using illustrations better captivates young readers to see how these obstacles affect individuals. It also incorporates important Mexican tradition that represents the importance of family. Providing the space to inform young Latinx and Non-Latinx readers about (im)migration is important in spaces where many individuals encounter similar stories. Being aware of this allows for a more comfortable and accepted environment.



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