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Modern Languages and Literatures

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Spanish and Hispanic Studies

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Christine Henseler




Narración, cuentos, organizaciones sin fines de lucro, innovación social, historia, España


This thesis explores the role of storytelling in nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on Spain. Every organization uses storytelling differently, and evaluates the efficacy of such techniques independently. However, most organizations use techniques that can be observed in two distinct groups: those who use data and facts, and another who relies on personal histories and images that evoke emotional responses from the public. Both instances are essential to the organization's functionality, but I argue in favor of personal stories that encourage more complete, honest and long lasting effects within society. I describe both groups of storytelling techniques through several nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurship programs in the Basque Country. This study will begin with an examination of the history of nonprofit organizations in Spain, then move into the role and value of storytelling within them. I will connect the two aforementioned groups of storytelling to specific organizations and highlight how storytelling is used in different sectors to appeal to various audiences. The most important discovery in this process is that oftentimes storytelling is used to allow voices that normally get cast aside to be heard loud and clear; especially in reference to non-profit organizations that revolve around taboo topics, and those who work with marginalized groups. This thesis will conclude with an evaluation of the success of each storytelling technique, accompanied by a guide for innovators looking to perfect their narrative skills. We can't change the narrative without reading between the lines first!



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