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Nutrition Breast Cancer Colorectal Cancer Chemotherapy


Nutrition is important to sustain life. It is extremely significant for patients who are actively being treated with chemotherapy. The focus of this research is to understand how nutrition affects cancer patients. This includes the intake of beverages on breast and colorectal cancer patients. Research suggests women breast cancer patients and men colorectal cancer patients can overcome or lessen side effects from cancer treatment with a focus on nutrition. These side effects are most apparent when cancer patients are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Unfortunately, there has been limited research on nutritional support for breast and colorectal cancer patients. Therefore this study includes qualitative data to expand the research. It includes interviews with an oncologist and a registered dietitian to help examine the level of awareness that healthcare professionals incorporate into treatment plans for their patients pertaining to the role of nutrition. The interviews are presented in chapters two and three. These chapters consist of main subcategories which correlate to chapter one, which reviews the existing scholarship on the topic. The subcategories are as follows: training, side effects, weight, and diet. The last chapter explores the lack of resources for cancer patients regarding nutritional support while undergoing treatment. A collaborative effort among oncologists and registered dietitians would create optimal treatment plans for breast and colorectal patients. Patients have the right to rely on their providers to direct them to the best care!



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